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Maglam Lord announced for Switch and PC, arrives this winter

D3 Publisher and Felistella have announced a new action RPG title named Maglam Lord, which is coming out in Japan on Switch and PC later this year. Maglam Lord features simple hack and slash combat, and revolves around slaying powerful monsters in order to collect materials to craft magical swords. It gives strong Swordcraft Story […]Read More

Onee Chanbara Origin launches October 14 for PS4 and PC

D3 Publisher have announced that Onee Chanbara Origin, a retelling of The Onechanbara and The Onechanbara 2, is releasing in North American and Europe on October 14. To coincide with this announcement, an official website has now opened, giving an overview on the game’s story and main characters. The official trailer shows off Onee Chanbara […]Read More

Omega Labyrinth Life Releases on Steam Today

The cross between ‘Roguelike and relaxation’ is out today on Steam. Omega Labyrinth Life is an RPG full of Mystery Dungeon’s in which your character’s breasts get bigger when you get stronger. We’re not lying. The game currently has a 30% off promotion to celebrate launch.   Omega Labyrinth Life from Matrix and D3 Publisher […]Read More

Omega Labyrinth Life and Labyrinth Life Come West August 1st

D3 Publisher has announced Omega Labyrinth Life on Nintendo Switch and its PS4 counterpart Labyrinth Life will be seeing a western release on August 1st, same as the Japanese release date! Check out the announcement trailer below: Well, this is quite the sudden announcement! The game’s coming out only next week! While the game may […]Read More

Omega Labyrinth Life Gets a Censored, “Safer” PS4 Version

Upcoming busty rogue-like Switch title Omega Labyrinth Life will be getting a toned-down, “safer” option for the PlayStation 4, simply titled Labyrinth Life, D3 Publisher has announced. Apparently, Labyrinth Life will be safe enough to “play at your parents’ house”, but we’re not totally sure that’s a good idea still.   Here’s a rundown of […]Read More

Nightshade Coming To Nintendo Switch In Japan

In otome visual novels, I recently found a genre that I genuinely enjoy and just want to play more of, and more of them being available to me was always going to be a plus with me. This is especially the case with any that were coming to the Switch as the portability option is […]Read More

The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya Review (Switch)

Despite being a port of a previously released Android/iOS game, The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya is the first otome visual novel release for Nintendo Switch. And, while games in this genre that are developed for mobile tend to be a bit hit and miss, this is a pretty good one all things considered — especially […]Read More

The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya Now on Switch with English

If you’re looking for an otome visual novel on Switch, The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya has you covered! Kind of. It released on Switch today in Japan and includes English as well as Japanese and Chinese language option, however, you’ll still need a Japanese Nintendo account to buy it. Take a look at the game’s […]Read More

Omega Labyrinth Z English Release Announced for Spring 2018

Believe it or not, an Omega Labyrinth Z English release has just been announced for Spring 2018. Regular readers will already be familiar with the dungeon crawler, but given its hefty amounts of pure lewd it’s a surprise to see it finally heading west. Unsure what I mean? This announcement trailer reveals all (quite literally). […]Read More

School Girl/Zombie Hunter Screenshots, NA Release Date Revealed

Aksys has revealed the first English School Girl/Zombie Hunter screenshots, as well as the game’s release date in North America! Set in the world of Onechanbara, School Girl/Zombie Hunter sees five girls trapped in a school trying to survive a zombie apocalypse using an array of weapons, traps, and…underwear?!   Here’s an overview of the […]Read More