Maglam Lord announced for Switch and PC, arrives this winter

D3 Publisher and Felistella have announced a new action RPG title named Maglam Lord, which is coming out in Japan on Switch and PC later this year.

Maglam Lord features simple hack and slash combat, and revolves around slaying powerful monsters in order to collect materials to craft magical swords. It gives strong Swordcraft Story vibes. The protagonist, known as Kilrizark, is a ‘Demon Lord of Blades’ who once was extremely powerful, but recently lost his/her (you can pick a male or female protagonist at the start) powers and must work to regain them.

I think it’s a safe bet that the plot involves becoming some form of anti-hero, but maybe not, perhaps you’ll stay villain all the way through. There’s also a side story about being an endangered species and searching for a marriage partner, so looks like there’s a bit of dating sim thrown into the mix too.

Maglam Lord is releasing in Japan this winter and will be available on Switch and PC.

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