Magikarp manhole covers installed in central Japan to celebrate koi culture

Ever heard of Pokéfuta? These colourful manhole covers, which feature Pokémon of all varieties, can be found throughout Japan. Each one a stunning work of art, with an almost mosaic-like effect, they’re a lovely way to liven up the pavement.

Four new Pokéfuta were installed last Thursday in the city of Ojiya, the first to appear in the central Chubu region of Japan. This time the starring Pokémon was the famously weak (and equally beloved) Magikarp. Magikarp was chosen due to Ojiya’s claim to fame as the birthplace of Nishikigoi (koi) carp.

Each of the four manhole covers has a unique design. One features a shiny Magikarp, for example, while in another, the luckless Pokémon is being carried off by a Pidgeotto.

Want to have a look for yourself? You can find a map showing every single Pokéfuta in Japan right here.

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