Pokémon Legends: Z-A announced, releasing 2025

The Pokémon Company has revealed Pokémon Legends: Z-A, a new entry in the Pokémon Legends spin-off series that’s targeting a 2025 worldwide release window for Nintendo Switch.

Currently, details on Pokémon Legends: Z-A are relatively scarce, with the reveal trailer not actually showing any gameplay.

We do know that it will be set in the Kalos Region from the 3DS Pokémon X and Y games — or more specifically according to Nintendo, it’s “set entirely within Lumiose City”. The colour scheme and subtitle also heavily imply that Zygarde, the third main legendary in X and Y, will be important to the events of Z-A.

Since it uses the Pokémon Legends name, Pokémon Legends: Z-A will likely try to move away from some of the usual series tropes. Whether that means it follows closely to Pokémon Legends: Arceus’s gameplay, or goes in a different direction entirely, remains to be seen.

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