Compile Heart’s Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is Really Cheeky

Compile Heart is ready to release another game in their Genkai Tokki series. In Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates there will be plenty of pirate adventures and treasure and it seems even some oppai.




After Monster Monpiece and Moe Chronicle, Seven Pirates is going to be all about the breasts. Or so it seems from the earlier teaser website which you can check out on the following link. But beware as there are two squishy conspicuous things that make sexual noises when clicked. That is, until it was changed to a more sinister theme, with one boob saying that there is nowhere to run.



Dengeki Online has revealed first pieces of artwork and a single screenshot.



It has been revealed that there will be seven girls as the main cast of characters, with the addition of other other monster girls. There will be a growth breast system where you can influence the character’s breast size by rubbing. Apparently you can make them bigger, but interestingly enough also smaller. Also the breast size will influence the gameplay. The bigger the breasts the stronger the attack and defense, but smaller breasts in turn give you more speed.

We can only hope that this pirate adventure will land on Western shores as well.

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