Death Note and Digimon Tri Delays Hit the UK

 Death Note and Digimon Tri Delays Hit the UK

Manga UK has announced that their releases of Digimon Tri and Death Note have both been delayed, with the former being delayed until March 2017 although Death Note (with its first time on Blu-Ray in the West!) now has a solid release date of 29th December 2016.
Digimon Tri was originally releasing on 19th December on Blu-Ray, DVD and a collector’s edition complete with poster and art cards, but all versions have been pushed back to an unannounced date next March. Death Note has been released in the UK before on DVD but this is the first time that it’s coming to Blu-Ray here, meaning more people will be able to experience one of the most popular anime shows of all-time.
digimon tri death note delay


Gleaning information from Manga UK’s replies on Twitter, it seems that the Digimon Tri delay has been caused by an English Dub now being included (honestly I thought that was always the plan, but evidently not!) and now that the Dub is being added in, time has to be taken for that and Manga UK are contractually obliged to release their edition sometime after the US version has released. The Death Note delay is due to issues with the material.
Both should be big releases for Manga UK and anime fans, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on both of them.

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