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The Cover Art For The Death Note Sequel Is Here

Death Note is back! At least, it’s coming back for a special one-shot manga. This is an 87 page sequel to the original story, which followed Shinigami Ryuk and Light Yagami, who could kill by simply writing names into a notebook. It’s an outrageously popular series and we’re excited to see where this Death Note […]Read More

Death Note Review (Netflix Live Action Movie)

Most adaptations you should take on their own merits, but it’s impossible to divorce them from their source material. Netflix’s Death Note had many fans concerned from the get-go, but nobody could have expected this version of the hit psychological cat-and-mouse crime thriller to be quite this bad.   Nobody could have expected this version […]Read More

Full Netflix Death Note Live Action Trailer Released

Netflix has released a full trailer for the upcoming Death Note live action film! Needless to say, the response is mixed but very, very big. We get a few glimpses of Ryuk, voiced by Willem Dafoe, this time around too! Judge it for yourself below:     I think this trailer gives us a pretty […]Read More

RIP Potato Jason – American Comedien Popular in Japan’s Brief

Learning Japanese is hard. Like, so hard. Like, Red Riot hard. There’s an awful lot to remember. One thing that can help with memory, though, is humour. Jason David “Potato” Danielson’s humour about the absurdity of kanji took off in Japan in 2013. But did you spot his Death Note cameo?   It’s a little old, […]Read More

American Death Note Movie Gets First Trailer

Rumours of an American Death Note live action movie have been circling the Internet forever, and now it’s happening! Really, truly, honestly happening as a Netflix original. There’s even a brief trailer to prove it. For good or for ill, take a look below:     Shall we begin? #DeathNote pic.twitter.com/fEd12Gm32c — Netflix (@netflix) March 22, 2017 […]Read More

Death Note Review (Anime) – A Classic

Chances are most of you have seen Death Note, one of the most popular and well-known anime around, as it’s pretty mainstream to the point that a Western movie is being made for Netflix. Death Note was recently released on Blu-Ray though which is a good time to re-visit the series.   Death Note follows […]Read More

Death Note PPAP Video Promotes New Movie

A Death Note PPAP video has been posted on the official YouTube channel for Death Note: Light Up the New World. The video shows Ryuk doing PIKOTARO’s Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen dance that went viral earlier this year. Watch the video below:   As publicity stunts go, this is pretty hit or miss. I think it’s hilarious, and […]Read More

Death Note and Digimon Tri Delays Hit the UK

Manga UK has announced that their releases of Digimon Tri and Death Note have both been delayed, with the former being delayed until March 2017 although Death Note (with its first time on Blu-Ray in the West!) now has a solid release date of 29th December 2016.   Digimon Tri was originally releasing on 19th […]Read More

Death Note: Light up the NEW World Teaser Trailer (English

The official Death Note website recently revealed the Death Note: Light Up the NEW World teaser trailer. It’s a short 30 second trailer introducing us to a brand new Death Note story, original to the live action movie series.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeQIdrT0p4A   Set 10 years after the events of the first live action Death Note films […]Read More

Prince of Stride Alternative So Far – Should You Be

Prince of Stride Alternative is the latest sports anime based around a team of attractive, athletic young men competing at a school tournament level. And it’s actually pretty good so far.       Watched 4/12 episodes. Stream on Funimation & AnimeLab     Well, to say it’s entirely about the team of boys is […]Read More