Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories English Website Up

The history behind Disaster Report is a rocky one. The series started out on the PlayStation 2 with its innovative survival horror gameplay where the focus was on surviving natural disasters and not hordes of nightmarish monsters.



The third game came out only in Japan for the PSP, while the fourth promised to have 3D and move support for the PlayStation 3. This was canceled in wake of the Tohoku earthquake and the series was in limbo ever since. It was then a pleasant surprise when the game was announced for the PlayStation 4 last month.


Now, the official English website is up and while they still haven’t announced when the game will hit western shores, it’s nevertheless great to know that the series will be making a triumphant return.


Disaster Report 4 Plus will support PlayStation VR, immersing you in the crumbling world of the game. The VR demo will be released in Japan in January 2017. You can check out the live stream recording of this feature bellow.


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