Doom & Animal Crossing Fans Crossover In The Best Way

Doom & Animal Crossing both release on March 20, and wow, the communities are very aware of this. Fans are drawing incredible art and posting it to Twitter – and we’ve gathered some of our favourites to share with you guys! Make sure to show the artists some love!


The vast majority of this art is pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll leave you to explore yourself, but I must say the amount of times I’ve seen Isabelle depicted as the Doom Guy now is frightening. I almost hope to see some mods after release that put Doom Guy in Animal Crossing and Isabelle in Doom just to pay homage to this amazing artwork the community have cooked up.








Even the Doom Twitter account got in on the action.



As both games come out on the same day, it could be difficult for you to pick both up at once – usually this would lead to somewhat of a rivalry between the two games, but instead the opposite has happened, and the world has become a better place because of it.


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Is there any more art we’ve missed?


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