Doujin Classics: Nekobo (PC)

This week we take a look at another game from the developer Nepia World. Nekobo or Cat Crash, is a free downloadable title, where you pilot an aircraft and have to save your falling cat daughters.





Just as with all other Nepia World titles you only use a small set of buttons. Aside the D-Pad you have a fire and dodge button. The fire button lets you shoot objects making them rotate so that the cat girls can walk down the slope. This rotation allows you to order objects in such a way that the falling cat girls can reach you safely without falling to their demise. But be warned, carelessly firing can endanger your cat girls, since it’s a one hit kill for them.


The dodge button makes you ship invulnerable for a couple of moments in order for you to go past obstacles throughout the map. This is especially important later on when the entire screen is field with obstacles and there are only a few safe zones. While dodging you cannot catch falling cats so, like firing, it must be used precisely and sparingly.


Nekobo - save the kittens

In the top left of the screen you can see the number of cats that you saved and the number of cats that have fallen to their death. In the top right corner you see a number which increases by 5 when a cat dies and decreases by 1 when you save a cat.


There are two ways to die in Nekobo: Touching an obstacle or bullet, or having the counter in the top right of the screen reach 100. This means that you cannot just keep hiding or dodging enemy fire, but you must also constantly keep collecting enough cats in order to stay in the game.


Nekobo - Anticipate where the kittens will fall

After a while the game gets faster and harder. Random bullets appear that kill you or you cats on impact. The once disconnected obstacles become linked objects, and shooting them makes the whole structure rotate. This makes navigating and collecting cats much tougher.


Nekobo has simple graphics and not much changes as you play. Then again the game is made as a free title so it’s understandable that it has lower production values.


Nekobo - Don't shoot the falling cats

While Nekobo is cute simple title that that features interesting gameplay. While it may be lacking in some departments is still worth the download, especially since it’s free.


Nekobo Download


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