Dragon’s Dogma anime gets a new trailer

 Dragon’s Dogma anime gets a new trailer

Announced by Netflix last year, the Dragon’s Dogma anime adaption now has a trailer for its first season.

Created in partnership with Sublimation, an animation studio known for its 3DCG work, it looks like the anime is going to take some creative liberties with Dragon’s Dogma’s story. That’s honestly for the best, as the original game wouldn’t make for a great TV show without some major changes.

The trailer gives us a good idea of what to expect from this adaption; there’s going to be a lot of violence, solid, if a little cheesy, English voice acting, and some questionable 3D work. To be fair, the characters and environments look good — and on the whole, it’s far better than the modern Berserk anime — but the monster models are pretty ugly.

We’re cautiously optimistic for the Dragon’s Dogma anime, even if a sequel to the game would have been a more welcome announcement. If this is to be a truly successful adaption though, it needs an amazingly out of place opening theme.

Isaac Todd
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