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Dragon’s Dogma anime opening revealed, not what fans expected

Netflix have revealed the opening to the Dragon’s Dogma anime adaption ahead of its September 17 release. Despite what many us had hoped, the anime’s theme song is not the iconic “Into Free -Dangan-“, which was unfortunately only used in the original Dragon’s Dogma. At least this new song was handled by the game’s composer, […]Read More

Resident Evil live action series coming to Netflix

Resident Evil and live action. If you’ve seen any of the many Resident Evil movies, this is probably not a combination you want to see. With that in mind, hopefully Netflix’s new live action Resident Evil series does a better job at adapting the games than previous attempts. Revealed by Netflix through a tweet earlier […]Read More

Dragon’s Dogma anime gets a new trailer

Announced by Netflix last year, the Dragon’s Dogma anime adaption now has a trailer for its first season. Created in partnership with Sublimation, an animation studio known for its 3DCG work, it looks like the anime is going to take some creative liberties with Dragon’s Dogma’s story. That’s honestly for the best, as the original […]Read More

One Piece Streams On Netflix From June 12

Netflix have announced that One Piece will begin streaming on June 12, 2020. This is of course not the live-action adaptation that’s in the works, but it is a good starting point for the partnership. The first set of episodes available will be The East Blue saga and the Alabasta saga, so you get around […]Read More

Resident Evil TV Show Description Appears on Netflix

The long-rumoured Resident Evil TV show appears to be moving closer and closer to reality, this weekend saw Netflix push live a description for the show ever so briefly. The description has since been pulled but this must mean an announcement is due soon, as they’re preparing for the holding page.     The description: […]Read More

Castlevania Season 3 Coming In March

Netflix have announced that Castlevania season 3 is heading to Netflix on March 5 2020, promising more ‘mystery, murder, mayhem, and vampires than ever’. We don’t know too much more about season 3, but the first two seasons have been a huge success for Netflix.   Netflix confirmed the news in a tweet yesterday, along […]Read More

Live Action One Piece Series Coming To Netflix

I swear I write about Netlix anime news multiple times a week now, but this time it’s kind of different. It looks like the live action One Piece project is in fact a series and will be heading to Netflix. Eiichiro Oda has confirmed the details, including the fact it will be ten episodes long. […]Read More

All 21 Studio Ghibli Films Coming To Netflix

In fantastic news, unless you’re in America, Canada or Japan, Netflix have announced that the entire Studio Ghibli library of movies is heading to the digital streaming platform next month, February. The films will be available globally except for the aforementioned countries.    This is a pretty big deal, Studio Ghibli have always been mostly […]Read More