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Explore the Sights of Akihabara in Akiba’s Beat

It just wouldn’t be right without a faithful rendition of Akihabara in Akiba’s Beat, and that’s exactly what the game provides! Situated in the world-famous district themseslves, the game’s developers have gone to great lengths to depict Tokyo’s technology and culture hub in loving detail, and it really pays off!


The different incarnations of Akihabara over the years are really key to the story of Akiba’s Beat, shaping the delusions springing up from people’s desires! Here’s a bit more on the setting, courtesy of PQube:


Every shop and sight in Akiba is represented and everyone who has been there will be able to walk the streets of Electric Town and recognize where they are, while those who have not yet been can familiarize themselves with the geek and gaming mecca quite intimately.

Akihabara has changed many times over the years: after World War II, it served as a post-war black market before it transformed into the musical centre of Tokyo. It then became the famous Electric Town before it turned into the gaming heart of Tokyo, the arcade mecca that we’re all familiar with. It’s arguable that Akihabara has changed again, becoming more focused on geek culture, the internet and memes than strictly videogames.

Explore the Sights of Akihabara in Akiba's Beat

Here are a couple of comparison shots. You can really see the detail Acquire have put in – it looks great!


Explore the Sights of Akihabara in Akiba's Beat

Explore the Sights of Akihabara in Akiba's Beat

Akiba’s Beat releases in North America on May 16th and in Europe on May 19th for PS4 and PS Vita.

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