Fairy Fencer F Getting a Limited Edition in both US and EU

NIS America announced the limited edition for Fairy Fencer F, which will be out this September. Made by Compile Heart, it will have a lot in common with Mugen Souls and Hyperdimension Neptunia. However it will also be a take on Final Fantasy, having both the designer and composer from that iconic series, having one more F also helps, making it FFF.


Aside from the disk, in every limited edition you will get a hardcover art book and an original jewel case soundtrack with a track by Nobuo Uematsu the composer behind the Chrono Trigger as well as the majority of Final Fantasy titles. All this will come packaged neatly in a collector’s box.


Fairy Fencer F Announcement - Box 1 Fairy Fencer F Announcement - Box 2


In addition to all of this, fans will receive an adorable 7” Beanie of Dedication with each copy of the limited edition.

Fairy Fencer F Announcement - Beanie

Fairy Fencer F’s limited edition is priced at $74,99 in the US on the official NIS America site and has already less than 75% stock available, so grab a copy quickly if you are interested. As for European fans fear not, as NIS America has announced that a European limited edition will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow.

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