Fast RMX Racing Review (Switch)

 Fast RMX Racing Review (Switch)

In the gap left by Nintendo’s F-Zero, the German studio Shin’en Multimedia brings Fast RMX Racing. This successor to Wii U’s Fast Racing Neo introduces numerous improvements and additions which make this excellent high-speed racer even better than ever before.



For a game with fast in the title Fast RMX Racing doesn’t disappoint. The dizzying sense of speed is something that blows most other driving games out of the water. The vehicles stretch as they enter supersonic speeds, while the whole screen becomes a blur. Even though it becomes hard to follow the race when almost everything just becomes a streak of light, smart level design and tight controls means that it never ends up being overwhelming.


And speed is the name of the game here. You will have to make use of every opportunity to boost in order to get out on top. Collecting boost orbs allows you to boost whenever you want. Boost pads and jump pads on the other hand are either orange or blue. You need to swap your vehicle’s color with a press of the X button and match the color in order to get a substantial boost. It feels a bit like playing Ikaruga since you will always need to be alert, paying attention to any upcoming boosts.


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As far as opposing drivers go, races can be a bit uneventful. Victory is more tied to your skill as a racer and less to how you interact with the rivals. Power-ups are limited to collecting orbs which increase your boost bar. You can boost through enemies in order to send them spinning for a bit, but that’s about it.


The level design is where Fast RMX Racing really shines. Blazing through futuristic cities, dodging mechanized spiders in a war zone, flying 360 degrees on a floating ring and even racing in outer space around the Kuiper belt are just some of the areas you will race in. There are a total of 30 stages and the majority of them introduce different elements which makes each and every one of them feel unique.


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There are quite a number of modes accessible here even though they all offer a more or less the same experience. Whether you choose the Championship mode, Time Attack where you are tasked of beating the developers’ time or even Hero mode, you will always be racing through the same tracks the same number of laps.


Hero mode introduces one small but vital change which fundamentally impacts how you play the game. In this mode your boost bar doubles as a shield bar. Every time you scrape against the wall, bump into an opponent or even activate your boost to get an upper advantage you deplete some of your boost. Once it gets to zero the next hit will send your vehicle flying in an epic ball of fire. Using boost pads and collecting orbs replenishes your health, so it’s always a struggle between fighting for the first place and conserving your boost for those tricky turns.


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Fast RMX Racing continues the tradition of offering a rich assortment of multiplayer modes for the Nintendo Switch. You can partake in 2-4 split screen multiplayer, something that was absent in gaming a criminally long time. The game also offers online play with strangers or friends, as well as local multiplayer with other Switch owners.


The game looks great on the Switch and easily falls among the best looking racing games on a portable platform. It runs at a native 720p while in handheld mode and at 1080p while docked. The game also manages to run at a smooth 60fps both in single player and in split screen.


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If you have grown tired of waiting for the fated day when F-Zero will return, Fast RMX Racing will have you covered. It offers 15 vehicles, 30 unique courses and multiplayer for any occasion. For a $20 title Fast RMX Racing should be a no-brainer for any fan of high-speed futuristic racers.


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