Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 Adds New Dungeons, Quests

 Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 Adds New Dungeons, Quests

Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.2 is nearly upon us, and Square Enix has shared some details on what fans can look forward to. A new main scenario and side-quest, as well as the fresh Hells’ Lid dungeon and a hard version of The Fractal Continuum are headlining the update, and they’re looking great.



The main blog post shares story details, but for those who haven’t caught up I’ll link it here rather than spoil it for you – click at your own risk! Just know it continues on the story of Stormblood, and there’s a new threat to contend with.


The side-quests, which are known as the Jade Stoa line, sees you track down the legend of peerless samurai Tenzen, who was known for his incredible strength and skill, to find the truth behind his tale. He had to fight waves of Oni, so look forward to coming face to face with a few of those, I reckon!



If you’ve played The Fractal Continuum dungeon already, then you know what to expect from the hard version of it. If not, then, well, you’re in the same boat as me. We’ve gotta catch up, right? Anyway, the brand new Hells’ Lid sees you and your friends set off on an adventure, to prove your abilities in the hopes that you can take part on a mission where plenty of money is to be made, into the deepest depths of the dungeon. Legend says that many Oni prowl around this volcano-like island, but who’s to say that’s true?



Patch 4.2 hasn’t got an official date yet, but it is due out before the end of the month. I still won’t have reached Stormblood by then, but maybe I’d have made a small dent in Heavensward?

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