Fire Emblem Heroes Halloween Event Begins Soon

 Fire Emblem Heroes Halloween Event Begins Soon

Have you been saving up your orbs? Yes? Good! The Fire Emblem Heroes Halloween event begins soon and features four familiar faces, decked out in Halloween gear, to try and collect this spooky season. Or save your orbs and hope that those leaked Christmas Robin and Tharja outfits are real!


fire emblem heroes halloween


Sakura, Jakob, Henry and Nowi get the Halloween makeover this year, along with a bunch of unique skills. You can attempt to roll for them starting from 30th October, and you’ll have until 28th November to collect the characters you want. Check ’em out below!



Sakura and Jakob have the best of the bunch. If I end up getting that Nowi then I might just release her into the wild — that outfit isn’t great, is it?. You know, I could make space for a 2* Arthur or something.


Which characters would you liked to have seen this Halloween?

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