Funimation Summer Simuldubs are in Full Swing

With the latest anime season already underway, Funimation have announced that they have plenty of Summer simuldubs already in the works! Simuldubs have quickly gained popularity in recent years, and it’s evident that they’ve been very successful for Funimation. 


summer simuldubs


Whilst the majority of these are new to this season, some of them including My Hero Academia Season 2 and Sakura Quest are on-going from last season. Find the entire list below!


My Hero Academia Season 2 (Saturdays at 10:30am BST)

In Another World With My Smart Phone (Premieres 30th July at 9:00pm BST)

SAIYUKI RELOAD BLAST (Premieres 24th July at 9:00pm BST)

My First Girlfriend is a Gal (Premieres 1st August at 9:00pm BST)

CHRONOS RULER (Premieres 2nd August at 9:00pm BST)

Knight’s & Magic (Premieres 30th July at 9:00pm BST)

18if (Fridays at 3:00pm BST)

Hina Logic – From Luck & Logic (Premieres 31st July at 9:00pm BST)]


Restaurant to Another World (Premieres 19th July at 9:00pm BST)

Classroom of the Elite (Premieres 29th July at 9:00pm BST)

Sakura Quest (Tuesdays at 9:00pm BST)

Monster Hunter Stories Ride On (Sundays at 9:00pm BST)

Tsuredure Children (TBD)

Gamers! (TBD)

A Centaur’s Life (Premieres 31st July at 9:00pm BST)

Conveniece Store Boy Friends (TBD)

LUPIN THE 3rd PART4 (Sundays at 9:00pm BST)


Lots to check out, eh? Funimation have been putting out some great dubs and it’s nice to see them focusing on quite a lot of them this season.

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