Funny screenshots full of sexual innuendo

This probably says more about me than I’m comfortable with. Ever since I played Harvest Moon: A New Beginning last year, I’ve been randomly collecting funny screenshots. When I say ‘funny screenshots’ – I mean stupid screenshots that, for one reason or another, have made me chuckle to myself like the ridiculous man-child I am.


I was going to delete them over the weekend, and then though I should probably save them on here for posterity’s sake.


So here we go – here are some funny screenshots that I find amusing. Maybe you will too. Maybe you’ll make the conscious decision never to return to this website ever again…



Don’t do it Link – you’ll never look Zelda straight in the eyes again.




Let me just stop you there old man. Seriously, stop. right. there.




On second thoughts, maybe I don’t need to go see your husband after all.




You know what Soseki? I couldn’t agree more.



Conception 2

Yeah, because I go to the bathroom with my friends ALL THE TIME. Separate stalls right?




This gives me flashbacks to the summer vacation I had when I was 14 years old.




Hometown Story shows its more… sinister side. I think it’s time we ran Philip outta town.




Yeah, like THAT’s going to help.




Well… if you insist Yuffie. Not going to lie, I’ve been thinking of this particular adventure for the last ten years or so.




Pokemon, like Harvest Moon – is a veritable treasure trove of innuendo, as this next one will testify.



Honestly, I could have made a innuendo feature just using Pokemon screens alone.



Legend of Mana - Gilbert

You remember that bit in Legend of Mana where you read from your unpublished Secret of Mana fan fiction, right?




You’re going to do WHAT to his squirrel? Some things are above and beyond the call of duty Lan – I think you might have just crossed that line.



Suikoden 2

I don’t remember Suikoden being THIS filthy. I just hope there’s no QTE or minigame.




Well if that wasn’t the worst part, I think I’ll skip the rest of Tales of Graces, thanks.




Thanks Gray. It’s good to know I have options when things get a little lonely.




Why that’s… very accommodating of you… (thanks Crazy Arcadia)



sexual innuendo


Another of those games where the innuendo is rife. Sometimes intentional – sometime’s amusingly accidental.



loooove them balls

Great, that’s settled then. It’s nice to know we can all be honest with each other. Anyone for a beef bowl?




Er, we will?! I mean, sure – this is a sacrifice I’m willing to make…






I honestly don’t know why I found this one so funny. The possibilities are truly endless. Is it the way Rinoa is half squatting? Or the way the the others are pretending not to be a part of whatever it is that’s going on here?


That’s it – actually, I do have some more, but they’re kinda tenuous, and I don’t want to show myself up any more than I have already.



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