Gal Gun Double Peace Splatoon DLC? New DLC Bundle Released!

PQube have just released a third Gal Gun Double Peace DLC bundle which contains four costume packs! And yes, that does look like Gal Gun Double Peace Splatoon DLC, but it’s not. It seems to be a homage to Nintendo’s new IP, and is even called the “You’re a Squid Now” set!


Buy the DLC here! Available as a bundle or individually!


You’re a Squid Now Set



Yep, wow, there they are! Check the individual clothing names too for more references! This is definitely a nod of the head to Nintendo’s excellent shooter!




Queen of Pain



This set brings something new to being stomped on! Gotta hope too many people don’t end up subconsciously allowing themselves to lose too often with this DLC though!




Shrine Maiden



Hey, now you can learn about Japanese culture while playing Gal Gun! That makes it education and perfectly okay now right?? Ignore the ears!




Blast from the Past Set



Uhhhh… This one is a bit… Um… Retro??




We really love the squid set! It’s great to see some cheeky nods to pop culture in Gal Gun Double Peace, especially in the costumes. The Gal Gun DLC has yet to disappoint so far!

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