Happy Chaos featured in latest Guilty Gear Strive starter guide

Arc System Works has shared its latest Guilty Gear Strive starter guide, this time focusing on the “Gunslinging Broken Messaih” Happy Chaos.

Happy Chaos makes use of multiple unique resources tied to his guns. He spends concentration to aim at his opponents, and bullets to fire. Concentration restores when not in use, and can be influenced by certain moves.

He also has the ability to create clones at the cost of some health. These are great for blocking opponents, working well in combination with long range attacks.

It’s a moveset that’s different from anything previously seen in Guilty Gear Strive, and is still quite unique compared to previous Arc System Works gunslingers.

Happy Chaos makes for another solid addition to Strive’s roster, while also potentially being the last story character that will show up as DLC in Season Pass 1 — though we wont find that out until the next character is revealed in 2022.

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