Hump Day Husbandos: Rody Soul (My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission)

Hump Day Husbandos

Today, I felt a strong need to showcase what makes My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission’s Rody Soul such a delightful character – the heart and soul of said movie.

My Hero Academia has plenty of characters worth celebrating. That goes without saying, especially when you consider that we have already covered the series not once, not twice, but three times already as Hump Day Husbando pieces in the past. I’m now throwing my own two cents in the mix when it comes to favourite male characters from the show – although mine is a movie exclusive character.

But before we continue, please consider my honourable mention from Six of the best comfort characters: boys edition, because I would kill for a spin-off starring Fat Gum.

Who is Rody Soul?

Rody Soul from My Hero Academia

But back to darling Rody Soul. Seemingly carefree and laid-back, every action and decision Rody makes is serious and comes from the heart. Considering his sole reason for existing is to care and provide for his younger siblings, it’s not hard to see why he works so tirelessly and hard. In order to keep a roof above their collective heads, Rody uses his street-smart sensibilities to get by in an unfortunate position and living condition that is surrounded by uncaring, irresponsible adults.

This is completely out of his hands since his father’s links to the global cult of Humarise turned the whole family into outcasts. This made Rody someone who is not necessarily against working within criminal means; he even embraces it to make ends meet for his dear family, since no better opportunities present themselves down in the slums.

Interestingly, this also results in his disdain towards Heroes — that is, until he meets and bonds with Midoriya, resulting in a friendship that deserves to be more than a movie exclusive.

Why we love him

Rody Soul from My Hero Academia

Rody represents the everyday, average person as showcased by his background, upbringing and even his Quirk that he deems too embarrassing to reveal to others. Despite being someone who would probably be doubted and dismissed by most onlookers at first glance, he holds his own time and time again across the movie’s runtime. Being athletic, knowledgeable and cleverly deceptive gets him out of a variety of issues, and he ultimately saves the day not just through basic skills like driving and parkour, but also through sheer will and unwavering determination.

In the end, the reason why I got so emotional with the movie’s climax and ending is down to just how far he and his family come by the end of their journey – the cherry on top being that Rody becomes able to work towards his dream of becoming a pilot. It is well and truly deserved after the life he has led up until that point.

Why you will love him

Rody Soul from My Hero Academia

Rody manages to be charismatic whilst making the most of a bad situation. He shoulders the burdens and responsibilities for the remainder of his family and is extremely likable and relatable in everything that makes him himself. He grows from strength to strength, already starting off impressive enough for being the sole provider to his siblings and later unintentionally one-upping his star power by growing into accepting and seeing the best in his Quirk – one that he once felt undermined by. And for what it represents, it makes the embracing of it even more iconic for how Rody ultimately accepts every part of himself.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is still my favourite movie to come out from the series, and this alone is thanks to the existence of Rody Soul within it.

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