Hype AF Adult Swim Stardust Crusaders Dub Trailer Released

A dub has already been released for the first two stories in the JoJo saga — Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency — but now a Stardust Crusaders dub has been properly announced too. The 48 episode epic adventure will be airing as part of Toonami’s Adult Swim block on actual television, starting 29th July.



The trailer is “hype AF”, and is really well put together. It introduces the basic premise behind Stardust Crusaders quickly, and pumps you up to view the kind of slick, intense action only the combination of Hirohiko Araki and David Production can bring.


Hype AF Adult Swim Stardust Crusaders Dub Trailer Released 1


The dub will feature Matthew Mercer as Jotaro; Richard Epcar as Joseph; Chris Tergliafera as Avdol;  Kyle Hebert as Kakyoin; Doug Erholtz as Polnareff; and  Derek Stephen Prince as Iggy. Patrick Seitz is also returning to reprise his role as Dio from Phantom Blood.


The LA Anime Expo panel showcased some more clips of the dub in action during actual scenes. It seems like a lot of work is being put into the dub.




Even if you’re usually more of a sub person than a dub person, this dub is the perfect excuse to rewatch all of Stardust Crusaders again, and to experience it in a new way. Toonami have also confirmed that this will be the uncensored version of the anime, which you may not have seen.


This dub of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders will begin airing on 29th July 2017 on Toonami.

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