If My Heart Had Wings Caption Contest Winners

To celebrate the release of Moenovel’s fantastic If My Heart Had Wings on Steam we asked you to come up with captions for a screenshot from the game in order to win a Steam key. It was difficult to choose the winners but choose them we did. Here are the top five captions, the creators of which will all be receiving an If My Heart Had Wings Steam key. Well done!




This is a classic pun that just does the job nicely.



friends-dont-let-friends-mizuunnamed-If My Heart Had Wings

This one works on multiple levels and elicited a nice chuckle from the judges.



policemen-oosran-If My Heart Had Wings

Sometimes the best comedy is factually accurate trivia!



oak-desura-If My Heart Had Wings

The edit of the screenshot works very well in this ones favour, mixing a humorous video game reference with nonsensical absurdism to great effect.



one-of-my-japanese-hentai-phangtom-If My Heart Had Wings

Another reference-based caption. This is a reference that will always get me.


Well done to all those who entered! If you want to see every entry just check out the Disqus comments of the original article here.



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