Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl – Quarter-Finals

We’ve come pretty far now. Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl has now reached its quarter-finals. Only some of the bestest of the best girls remain now, all decided by community vote. But this battle is far from over. Only one can stand victorious. By the release of Persona Q we’ll finally know for sure, but until then vote for your best girl!


yukari-vs-aigis-Waifu Wars


[poll id=”10″]


chie-vs-labrys-Waifu Wars


[poll id=”11″]


yukiko-vs-naoto-Waifu Wars


[poll id=”12″]


rise-vs-teddie-Waifu Wars


[poll id=”13″]


Get voting!


May the best girl win! ;3 Voting closes at 3pm tomorrow as usual.


UPDATE: The semi-finals are now live. Place your votes here!


So how far have we come on our journey to find best girl? Check out the full tournament grid here:





Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl celebrates the release of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, which is out on Friday. You can pick up our bundle which includes a Chie’s Badge Set and Double Teddie Keyring right here.


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