Incredible Saber Photoshop Art Made Using Photos

Sometimes having no luck with the gacha on mobile games makes you do crazy things. Like spend loads of money. Or draw a summon circle. Or make a picture out of photos of ordinary objects. YouTuber おとうさんスイッチ took that last option and ran with it, producing some incredible Saber Photoshop art. Take a look below:



This is a fascinating concept and it’s downright entrancing to watch! The end result is so amazing and the process just makes it even more impressive! How do you even know where to begin?!


Incredible Saber Photoshop Art Made Using Photos

If, like me, you were stunned by the Saber Photoshop art video, there are other cool ‘synthetic picture’ videos on おとうさんスイッチ’s channel, including a very dramatic rendition of Mario.

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