The Infinity Series Free For a Limited Time

Three titles from the much loved Infinity series of visual novels are available for free over the next three weeks as part of a promotion run by online retailer Magino Drive. While the Japanese-only store is a bit of a hurdle for international fans, it provides an opportunity to easily and legally obtain the games (and an excuse to play them again).


As part of a special promotion, online retailer Magino Drive has given out coupons that allow you to obtain a free copy of either Ever17 -the out of infinity-, Never7 -the end of infinity- or Remeber11 -the age of infinity-. Redeeming the coupons requires you to sign up to the store, select the visual novel you wish from this store page, and enter the coupon code along with your name and other such details. You can enter the code “infinity-pc” for one free game, and “N7E17R11-PC” for another free game, although you will have to go through the checkout process twice. You do not need to enter credit card details to redeem these games, but you will need a valid email address and the ability to copy/paste or type Japanese characters.



All three games are mystery titles, going into strange circumstances that surround the main cast of characters. Ever17, the first in the series, features seven characters trapped deep inside an aquarium and their efforts to escape the quickly rising water while trying to figure out if the whole situation was purposeful. Never7, the next game, features a mysterious island murder and a supposedly psychic protagonist who must stop his premonition of a girl dying before the week is over. Remember11, the third game (but not the last), places four characters in snowstorm. The game then branches to follow two characters in similar situations.



While Ever17 has been officially localised for years, it’s a good chance to grab the other games and feel all warm and cozy knowing that you got your copy straight from the source. And if you haven’t played any of the series, it’s an even more perfect time to jump in and see why the series is so popular.


The promotion runs from now until June 19th. And, of course, these games will be in Japanese upon download, with English patches available from other sources.

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