Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk Comes to 3DS August 31st in Japan

This week’s issue of Famitsu has revealed a release date for the latest entry in the Jake Hunter series, which was picked up by Arc System Works back in February. Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk will be releasing in Japan on August 31st for 3DS! There’s no current information on an international release, but here’s hoping!


Development of Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk is currently at 80%, and the theme of the game will be a ‘return to roots’, condensing the story of the series so far. Familiar systems such as the ‘Tobacco System’, used when putting your hints in order, will be returning. Some of the characters and voice cast have also been confirmed:


– Saburo Jinguji / Jake Hunter (CV: Juurouta Kosugi)


– Yoko Misono (CV: Mamiko Noto)


– Sanzou Kumano (CV: Fumihiko Tachiki)


– Daigo Kaga (CV: Seiichirou Yamashita)


– Satomi (CV: Konomi Kohara)


Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk Comes to 3DS August 31st in Japan

According to the previous announcement, some of the previous entries in the series will be coming to mobile devices in Japan this summer too. It seems like a pretty interesting series, and maybe Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk could be a chance for us to move forward with the series before going back over some of those other titles that never got released. With the recent remaster of The Silver Case and its sequel potentially on the way, perhaps now could be the time for more detective games to get their chance in the spotlight! I’ll certainly be crossing my fingers for it, anyway!


Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk releases on Nintendo 3DS on August 31st in Japan.

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