Jubei to Join BlazBlue: Central Fiction Very Soon

If you’re in Japan, then you’ll be able to pick up Jubei and play as him come 31st August. It’s been a long time coming and fans have been clamouring for him to be playable in a BlazBlue game since its first installment, Calamity Trigger, but it’s only now that he’ll be playable. We’ve waited nine years, but it’s finally happening!




If you’re curious as to how the cat-man will play, then have a look at the video below which delves into his playstyle extensively. He will cost 800 yen and if previous DLC pricing is to be believed, then he’ll cost £5.79/$7.99/€6.99.



We’re unsure when Jubei will head to the West, but we’re sure it’ll happen sometime soon!

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