Food Wars! Season One Review (Anime)

One of the best anime of Summer 2015 (that long ago already?!) is set to release in the UK on 28th August, and what better way to celebrate its upcoming release than with a review? Food Wars! is funny, lewd and gorgeous, and it’s proven popular enough that it has a third season in the works!


Food Wars! follows Soma Yukihira who dreams to surpass his dad, a world-class chef, with his culinary skills. When his father, Joichiro, gets a new job and has to close his humble but well-respected store, he challenges Soma to attend an elite culinary school where only 10% of students graduate. Soma, who isn’t one to turn down a challenge, enrolls with the hopes that he’ll be the school’s most talented student and one who’s worthy of surpassing his father.


food wars! review

It’s hard to tear yourself away from Food Wars!

Soma quickly makes enemies when he claims that the other students will act simply as stepping stones for his success, and it’s not long until many of them are wanting to sabotage him and see him expelled. The kind-hearted and shy Megumi becomes friends with Soma and believes in his skills as a chef, even though she doesn’t believe in herself.


Soma makes a close group of friends when he becomes a resident of the Polar Star Dormitory, which only has a small handful of students due to its distance from the school, and they work together to improve upon their own skills whilst aiming for the top. They’re a loveable, quirky lot, and between the character’s banter and how gorgeous the food looks, it’s hard to tear yourself away from Food Wars!


food wars! season one review

J.C.Staff have done brilliantly in making my mouth drool.

An anime about food needs great looking food, right? Well have no fear, because J.C.Staff have done brilliantly in making my mouth drool. I want to be clear that this is due to how magnificent the food looks, and not the vast amount of male and female eye candy! The food might not give me a food-related orgasm like it does to the characters who eat it, but the mouth-watering delicacies look entirely appetising — I’m tempted to try out some recipes myself someday!


Bright colours, stand-out character design, fast-paced cooking scenes and visual humour make Food Wars! a delight to watch, and it’s an absolute feast for the eyes.


food wars! review

The dub is as explosive and over-the-top as it needs to be.

When I heard that Food Wars! was going to be dubbed in English, I was a little apprehensive as to how the final product would come out. Food Wars! requires a lot of emotion and exaggeration, and holding back or being shy could impact the dub negatively. Thankfully, the dub is as explosive and over-the-top as it needs to be, and I’m sure the voice talent had an absolute blast with it!


If you were worrying about how a Food Wars! dub would be handled, like I was, then rest assured that Sentai have done a great job with it. You can watch it in its original and superb Japanese voice-over complete with English subtitles instead though, if you’d prefer. Food Wars! also has a solid soundtrack with an ending theme which quickly became a favourite of mine.


food wars! review

Sit down and be inspired by one of the finest cooking shows around.

Food Wars! is one of the few anime where a good story and characters can be woven together with ecchi elements, as opposed to feel like the story is there solely for the next bit of side-boob. Funny, sweet and sexy rolled into one, Food Wars! will leave you hungry for more by the time it’s over. With a second season already on Crunchyroll and a third season to begin airing later this Winter, now’s a great time to be a fan of the mouth-watering comedy.


Food Wars! Season One is 24-episodes packed with laughs and action, but you might want to have eaten before you watch an episode because it’ll make you hungry! It’ll also make you want to try out new recipes too, so sit down and be inspired by one of the finest cooking (and shounen!) shows around.

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