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Food Wars! Season Two Review (Anime)

Food Wars! Season Two is the shortest season of the series so far, clocking in at only 12 episodes, but it’s battle after battle as Soma attempts to climb to the top of the 43rd Annual Totsuki Annual Election. With so much competition hungry for victory, Soma truly has to bring his best to the […]Read More

December Manga Release Schedule

Here’s our December manga release schedule guide! Somehow, this month, there are even more releases than last time. It’s a good era to be a manga fan, with digital publication helping to keep it strong! But there’s… so many!! AH!     Looking for other December release schedules? Japanese Games | Anime | Light Novels   […]Read More

The 10 Most Popular Fall 2017 Anime So Far (According

We’re over a month into the Fall 2017 anime season so far. That’s more than enough time to settle into what shows we’ll be keeping up with as they air. Whether they’ve received high ratings or not, we wanted to take a look at the 10 most popular Fall 2017 anime so far, according to My […]Read More

6 Great Manga Spin-Offs You Should Read

Sometimes you love a manga so much you’ve just got to go another level deeper, and continue the journey. That’s where manga spin-offs come in, carrying the torch of the main series. But giving it a little extra depth or a new, unique twist. There’s a lot out there, but here are 6 that we […]Read More

The 2017 Fall Anime Outfit Must-Haves for Your Wardrobe

Summer creeps once more into the darkness, and soon all we’ll be left with is a crisp world of muted colours, black nights, and the constant stains of vibrant oranges and complex browns will soon cover the world. Throw those summer clothes in the “dropped list”. These are some of the Fall anime outfit must-haves […]Read More

7 Interesting Autumn 2017 Anime to Keep an Eye on

It’s that time again! The new season of anime is almost upon us! It can be hard to filter through all the new airing shows to decide what to watch, so here’s 7 autumn 2017 anime we think are worth keeping an eye on! One for every day of the week! Except they probably don’t […]Read More

Food Wars! Season One Review (Anime)

One of the best anime of Summer 2015 (that long ago already?!) is set to release in the UK on 28th August, and what better way to celebrate its upcoming release than with a review? Food Wars! is funny, lewd and gorgeous, and it’s proven popular enough that it has a third season in the […]Read More

Anime Summer Season 2016 TV Guide: Air Dates, Trailers &

Mm, can you smell that summer air? No, not the smell of nature. The smell of your room and your computer as you watch some sweet, sweet, anime.  Here’s a simple and easy collection of information of what anime to watch out for in the anime summer season 2016! And where to watch it legally (as of […]Read More

Telling Your Friends You Watch Anime Hannibal Style

DO YOU SEE, SENPAI? I think we’ve all had a moment like this, whether it’s trying to introduce a friend to your hobby or vice versa. Are you a Dolarhyde or a Chilton? Maybe they should make an anime Hannibal…     Clips from, in order: – Hannibal Season 3 – Love Live – Nisekoi […]Read More

Rice Chat: Harrison Hates One Punch Man, & Other Anime

Harrison hated One Punch Man! Well, he didn’t like it anyway. We talk about why he is wrong, and also some other anime we’ve watched recently off-season. Gundam Full Blooded Orphans, Shokugeki no Souma, Steins;Gate, and more!     We upload a tonne of videos, so subscribe to us on YouTube to get updates on them […]Read More