The 10 Most Popular Fall 2017 Anime So Far (According to MAL Users)

We’re over a month into the Fall 2017 anime season so far. That’s more than enough time to settle into what shows we’ll be keeping up with as they air. Whether they’ve received high ratings or not, we wanted to take a look at the 10 most popular Fall 2017 anime so far, according to My Anime List users who have added the shows to their watch lists!


10. Dies Irae (61k)


Based on a visual novel, Dies Irae has always been a difficult one to describe. On the most basic level, it’s about a group of super-powered Nazis time travelling forwards to modern day Japan, unleashing havoc. Lead character, lone wolf, and all around chosen one, Ren Fujii, must unlock his potential to deal with what’s going on.


Despite its relative popularity, it’s been one of those weird Visual Novel adaptations so far. Some things have been quite different to the VN, while at the same time it feels like its using the structure of the source material to excuse some pretty bad pacing. Those without some knowledge of the original might end up just feeling confused, when ideally this should be working to be an alternative way to enjoy the story of get into the main thing.


Still, the more recent episodes seem to have picked up a bit. But, it’s still a bit confusing who this is actually aimed at, and may not satisfy either the VN fans, or newcomers in the end.


9. King’s Game: The Animation (69k)


Based on a children’s playground sort of game, in the “King’s Game” those who are commanded by the “King” must carry out the requested actions. Everyone in Nobuaki Kanazawa’s class is being forced to play via text. Failure to act as commanded results in a gruesome punishment. As the orders escalate, more of Kanazawa’s classmates begin to fall. But Kanazawa is already familiar with the King’s Game from his old school…


Bizarrely, King’s Game: The Animation (AKA Ousama Game), is actually based on the second Ousama Game manga, and not the first one, which makes things a little bit confusing. Scanlations of this second part of the manga are hard to find, so it probably works best for fans who have already read the first one. I’d definitely recommend catching up on Ousama Game rather than jumping straight into this, as it retroactively spoils that experience otherwise.


8. Recovery of an MMO Junkie (72k)


30 year-old Moriko Morioka is a NEET who spends most of her time in the world of her favourite MMO game, happy to have dropped out of the real world. However, an encounter with a handsome man IRL ends up affecting her online life, and vice versa, as things humorously begin to head towards her real life “recovery”.


It’s actually a really warm, fun, and adorable show. If you’re looking for something that’s more bright, happy, and fuzzy than some of the big gore fest this season, then MMO Junkie is a really strong choice (I’d also recommend Blend S, which isn’t popular enough to be on this list).


7. Just Because! (83k)


Why is this one doing so well? It’s just because sometimes you need just a nice, warm slice of life anime to keep you going, especially as the months grow colder. That’s just because why. Sorry. It’s about a group of kids just before graduation, and re-connecting after moving away. In some ways it’s about regrets, but more about hopes for the future.


It’s one of the more realistic feeling slice of life anime out there, which when it works, works wonderfully, when it doesn’t, can feel a bit too slow. It’s really going to come down to whether it can stick the landing as to whether I’d recommend it, but there are some pretty sweet moments so far.


6. Juuni Taisen: Zodiac War (88k)


There are going to be 12 episodes of this anime, about a tournament that takes place every 12 years, involving 12 characters, each based on one of the 12 zodiac signs. Oh, and they all have to kill each other, of course. The winner gets to wish for whatever they want.


This definitely isn’t one of those shows you can complain about starting too slow. If anything, it’s a bit too fast. But that quick-fire nature feels like it’s by design, and is often the case with death game styled shows and manga like this. But it’s not an anime where you’re going to get a lot of detail on absolutely everyone. Because there’s a lot of death. Because there can only be one left standing.


Visually, the show is a real treat. But it might lack the depth to be truly amazing. Sometimes, though, you don’t need that, and we’re enjoying it for what it is so far — a weekly visual treat. It is based on a novel, which might flesh it out a bit more, and could be a good next step if you like the anime, but we’ve not read it. It is, however, releasing officially in the west this month, which is pretty well timed!


5. Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond (89k)


This is the second season of Kekkai Sensen, AKA Blood Blockade Battlefront. If you liked the first season, you’ll probably be into what & Beyond is doing, though it is a little bit different. If you haven’t seen the first season of Blood Blockade Battlefront, then watch that one first — you’ll definitely have a blast. We gave it a glowing review at the time!


So far, this season lacks some of the connectivity of the first season, instead focusing on some smaller stories that pull more focus onto the characters and the world. It does give it a different feel and pace to the first season, which is sometimes more interesting than just giving us more of the same. There’s still time to see how it might all tie together eventually for the 12 episode run.


4. Inuyashiki: Last Hero (95k)


Inuyashiki is a hard anime (or manga) to explain. Basically, it’s about an old guy with cancer who is hit by a mysterious explosion originating from space that turns him into a super-powered robot (who still appears human). Giving him a new lease on life, and spurred on by his naturally righteous nature, he butts heads with someone else who was also hit by the explosion who is using their powers for evil. It’s pretty great.


3. Black Clover (128k)


The latest anime adaptation of a hot-blooded Shonen Jump manga opens up the Top 3 spot on My Anime List so far. With a lot of marketing behind it, the promise of a long 51 episode series, and some stunning animation, there’s a reason Black Clover has grabbed a lot of attention, and is definitely worth giving a shot. Though, given the numbers, you more than likely already have.


In a world where magic is commonplace, one young boy, Asta, dreams of becoming Hokage. Uh, I mean, “Wizard King”. Problem is, unlike most people, Asta has no magic powers at all. Nevertheless, he does end up getting a magic tome (which is sort of a coming of age thing). Instead of granting him magic, it instead gives him anti-magic powers, primarily through the use of a really big sword. Can anti-magic beat out against magic? Probably! Keep watching!


2. Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma — The Third Plate (132k)


The third season of Food Wars is currently sitting at around the same spot the second season was, but seems a lot better so far. The problem with the quite short 13 episode second season was it almost entirely revolved around a single tournament arc, which didn’t leave much room for surprise.


This third season, on the other hand, kicks off with the introuduction of the Elite Ten Council, and the sales battle between Souma and one of its members during the “Moon Festival”. As opposed to a normal Shokugeki cook-off, everyone at the academy battles it out together for sales tickets from members of the public in the open-doors food festival. Battles will get even more intense and unexpected, if the manga is anything to go by.


1. The Ancient Magus’ Bride (171k)


Hatori Chise is purchased from a fantastical slave auction by a mysterious man, Elias, with a longhorn cow head for a face. His intervention saves her from worse fates, but isn’t completely altruistic. He’s interested in her because she’s naturally able to be in-tune with magic, and is a type of magic user who has become very rare. Except, she barely knows anything about magic. Which is why Elias wants to make her his apprentice. And also his bride.


The Ancient Magus’ Bride is quite simply a very good anime based on a very good manga series that’s been going since 2013. Chise’s adventures with Elias are always interesting and usually quite sweet. Though there’s a good mix between that sweetness, and the mystery and danger of Elias and the world he inhabits.


That’s it for the top 10, though who knows how it will change by the end!


What are you watching this season?

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