Kingdom Hearts light novels to get Collector’s Edition this November

Yen Press has announced that it will be publishing a Collector’s Edition box set of the Kingdom Hearts light novels during November 2021.

Written by Tomoco Kanemaki and illustrated by Shiro Amano (the same artist behind the manga adaption), Kingdom Hearts: The Novel Collector’s Edition brings together all 12 novels in one omnibus edition, covering the entirety of the Dark Seeker Saga. 13 art prints and a Keyblade keychain are also included as part of the set.

Kingdom Hearts Novel Collector's Edition

If you’re like me and didn’t know that there was a light novel adaption for Kingdom Hearts at all, then this should be the perfect way to experience this version of the series’ convoluted narrative. It’ll certainly be faster than replaying every game, and might even offer a different take on certain scenes.

In North America, the Collector’s Edition retails for $199.99 (roughly £146), though it’s currently available for pre-order via Right Stuf Anime for $149.99. While a UK/EU release hasn’t been confirmed just yet, based on other Yen Press titles, it should be available at retailers such as Amazon by the time it releases in NA.

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