Letter from the Editor: We’ll be back in the new year!

Hello everyone! Taking a moment out from my time off to just let you know that since it’s almost Christmas (which means it isn’t Christmas, etc. etc.) we’re going to be taking a well-earned break until the new year so that our lovely writers as well as me can enjoy a bit of time to themselves over the holiday period.

We’ll be back in the new year with all your favourite funtimes and articles to enjoy, and I’m sure we’ll all have plenty of stories to share about what we got up to over the holidays.

I can give you a sneak preview of what I want to talk about in the new year right now, in fact, because I’ve been enjoying lots of games during my time off. I even beat some! How about that?

Bring on the new year!

New year coverage: River City Girls

First up, there’s a couple of Kunio-kun games I didn’t get around to covering for our extensive The History of Kunio-kun series. Probably the most significant of these is, of course, River City Girls, which I finally got around to beating (with both endings) in the last few days, so I’m hyped up to talk about that — as well as River City Girls Zero and River City Girls 2 when my respective copies of each arrive.

Secondly, there’s a new Neptunia game out in January: Neptunia Sisters vs Sisters. I’m really looking forward to this, as the “action Neptunia” titles have really come a long way since their first attempt with Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed — plus the CPU Candidates (especially Nepgear) are my favourite characters in the series, so it’ll be great to see them getting some time in the spotlight.

New year coverage: Neptunia Sisters vs Sisters

Alongside coverage of Sisters vs Sisters I think it’s high time we did some sort of Complete History of Neptunia, since there’s a lot of games out there now, and they actually cover an intriguingly disparate variety of game styles. Most are easily accessible on modern platforms today, too; all the former Vita exclusives except Producing Perfection are now available on PC, and most modern Nep titles get multiplatform releases on PC and PS4 at the very least these days.

Plus there’s a couple that I still actually haven’t played — most notable Super Neptunia RPG and Superdimension Neptunia vs. Sega Hard Girls — so this will be a good excuse for me to dive back into one of my favourite series.

New year coverage: World's End Club

Thirdly, I’ve been playing through Kotaro Uchikoshi’s World’s End Club for the last few days and I’m absolutely in love with it. This game got barely any attention when it was released, for reasons I’m not entirely clear on; it certainly deserves some love, though, so expect some thoughts on that in the new year, too.

And, of course, there’ll be plenty of our regular features going on as always, too. The recent release of the Toaplan and Irem collections alongside the new Evercade EXP console provides plenty of fodder for Blissful Death, for example, and as always retro gaming continues to provide a rich vein of “games you might have missed” that are well worth exploring in one way or another.

Plus I suspect our favourite developers and publishers have plenty of interesting and enjoyable surprises up their sleeves just waiting for us to enjoy, too. So look forward to those!

Anyway, I’ve done my business (not like that) and so it just remains for me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas or local equivalent, and a similarly happy new year. We’ll see you for more fun and frolics come January. In the meantime, eat well, play hard and try not to kill your family. Big love to you all!

Pete Davison, Editor

Header image adapted from an original by Nakabayashi Reimei. Original source no longer available online.

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Pete Davison
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