Link Is Joining Super Mario Maker 2 as a Playable Character

With version 2.0 incoming, Link is joining Super Mario Maker 2 as a playable character, along with the Master Sword, new enemies and features on 5th December. Players can also expect a new game mode which will compete them against each other.



According to Nintendo, the Hero of Time will be available via an in-game Master Sword item that will transform Mario into Link. This comes with a new moveset, allowing the player to use Link’s famous sword and shield along with a few more nifty tools.



The update also comes with plenty of new course parts and features including Pokey, Spike, Frozen Coin, P Block and Dash Block to further torment your friends with near impossible levels. Also included is a new mode called Ninji Speedrun which pits you against other players in a cute little ‘Ghost’ form to beat Nintendo-created courses.


The update arrives on the 5th December on Nintendo Switch.


Now that Link is joining Super Mario Maker 2, this potentially opens the door for more Nintendo favourites to make their way into the game. With that in mind, which other characters would you like to see join the roster?

Pete Davison
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