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Link Is Joining Super Mario Maker 2 as a Playable

With version 2.0 incoming, Link is joining Super Mario Maker 2 as a playable character, along with the Master Sword, new enemies and features on 5th December. Players can also expect a new game mode which will compete them against each other.     According to Nintendo, the Hero of Time will be available via […]Read More

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Preview

We were all there to see it during E3. Everyone Is Here. An awesome call to arms and klaxon for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. At the NintendoUKVS event last weekend, I got some extensive playtime on the upcoming brawler, so wanted to share some of my thoughts with you fine folk.   First […]Read More

29 Things From E3 2017 Japanese Games Fans Should Know

E3 can be a tricky time of year if you love video games, but also aren’t a big fan of brown shooters. Luckily we’re here to cut through the noise, and show you the key things fellow fans of Japanese games should be paying attention to (whether they’re Japanese developed or not). The list will […]Read More

Mother Retrospective – A Look Back at One of Nintendo’s

When people think of the big Nintendo names, they probably think of Mario, Link, Chunky Kong, and all of the others that we’ve come to love over the years. Not enough people will say Ninten, Ness, or Lucas.       The Mother series is one of Nintendo’s crowning achievements and it’s a terrible shame […]Read More

It’s Tingle But Not As You Were Expecting, Breath of

Those gliding to Tingle Island in Breath of the Wild would have been disappointed to find nothing there except for a shrine. Those islands were all that remained of Tingle’s legacy in the game… until now. Nintendo have detailed Breath of the Wild DLC Pack 1’s contents, and it’s pretty lacking except for the green […]Read More

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Preview (Switch)

It’s all well and good to shake the table and say you’re going to essentially reinvent Zelda, but that doesn’t really mean much unless you can reinvent it and still make it feel like Zelda. Thankfully, after getting hands-on with the Switch version of Breath of the Wild, we can confirm it still gives you […]Read More

MCM October 2016 Cosplay Montage – Rice Digital @ MCM

As usual MCM had some great cosplay! Here our some of our highlights from London MCM October 2016! Spot yourself? Leave your details in a comment and we’ll add you to the description! ^-^     Thanks to everyone who came by the stand at MCM! It was great to meet you all. A bunch […]Read More

10 of the Nicest Hotels in Cosplay Photos

If there’s one thing we like at Rice Digital it’s some nice cosplay shots! We’ve seen some fantastic cosplay out at conventions, and it’s a real treat to see some from conventions we can’t make it to, and to capture those cosplay for all time. Not all con cosplay shoots happen at the conventions themselves. […]Read More

This Ocarina of Time Unreal Engine 4 Zora’s Domain Video

Unreal Engine has been behind some very graphically impressive games. Unreal Engine 3 was used for Batman: Arkham Knight, Mass Effect 3, and Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- naming but a few. Its impressive successor, Unreal Engine 4, is already being used to develop highly anticipated games such as Kingdom Hearts III, Tekken 7, and even Shenmue III.   […]Read More

The Best and Worst of Mario Kart

Nintendo often gets criticised for releasing the ‘same games’ over and over again and Mario Kart is perhaps a very obvious example of that. I find that each Mario Kart is quite a unique experience and each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. As somebody who has played through all of them (not including […]Read More