New Release for… er… Neo Geo and Dreamcast

Yes, that’s right, a new game has been announced for the Neo Geo and the Dreamcast – unsurprisingly, it’s a 2D shooter from German developer – who have a long history of supporting ‘dead’ consoles. Their latest title is called NEO XYZ and is the 6th (if you count Last Hope: Pink Bullets) title the team have made.


Running at a full 60 FPS (you’d hope, right?) Neo XYZ is a rather lovely looking arcade style shooter – but you have to wonder about that price tag. Due in April on the Neo Geo and June for the Dreamcast version – a DC copy will set you back 32 EUR, but Neo Geo fans better dig deep because, going on their strength of past releases, it’s cost you well in excess of 400 EUR. Ouch.



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