Nintendo Switch Online N64 games will be 60hz releases, optional European PAL versions

While the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack announcement was exciting for a number of reasons, there were some worries regarding how Nintendo 64 games would be handled in Europe.

For those unaware, most retro games in Europe ran at 50hz compared their 60hz North American and Japanese counterparts, leading to slower gameplay and audio. Based on initial footage shown during the reveal, it looked like some of the Nintendo 64 titles were running at this slower speed.

Thankfully, Nintendo has now confirmed that all games available via the Expansion Pack service will be 60hz, with some having the option to play European PAL versions as well.

This is the best of both worlds — you can experience every game at their intended speed, while also being able to play supported titles in other languages via the EU PAL releases.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack launches later this month, with no exact given just yet.

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