Show Interest to Get a NieR Reprint on PS3

Maybe you’ve played NieR: Automata or read my post on why the original NieR is an amazing game and found yourself thinking, “wow, I wish I could get my hands on one of the best games of all time!” and now you can! Almost! Square Enix are giving you the chance to get your hands on a reprint of the original PS3 game.


All you have to do is show interest by signing up to the waiting list right here, and maybe NieR will be reprinted – only on PS3, and not on Xbox 360 – at the price of £24.99. This is a decent price considering pre-owned copies go for roughly £40 now. You should definitely add your e-mail to the list and own this wonderful game. Sadly, this is only open to EU at the moment.



nier reprint 1

There’s no further details but it’s safe to assume it’ll be exactly the same as the original print run, and there’s no date for when they’ll be reprinted if enough interest is shown. Regardless, it’s great to see Square Enix give people the chance to play through one of last generations hidden gems, although it’s sad that we’ll likely never see a remaster for current generation systems.

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