Persona 5 DLC is a Blast from the Past with Previous Game Homages

Now that Persona 5 is out in Japan already, Atlus has revealed a huge chunk of Persona 5 DLC with costumes, background music, and Personas from the earlier games, as well as some original P5 content. 


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There’s a huge amount of really exciting stuff in this announcement. I’m a sucker for alternate outfit DLC anyway, but even more so when it’s referencing another game I like, so the inclusion of the school uniforms from the earlier Persona games is a really neat idea. Especially when Persona 1 and P2 don’t get very much inclusion in things.


And even Shin Megami Tensei!


Not only do the DLC outfits look really cool, and come in sets for the whole team, but the sets include BGM arranged in the style of the previous games. I’m assuming this is going to be the Persona 5 battle music redone as music from the other games, rather than the other way around, but it’s a great addition anyway. The battle music in JRPGs can get pretty infuriating after so many hours, so an option to change things up is very welcome.


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Then there’s the Persona sets. The ‘Thief God’ versions of Orpheus and the others look amazing, and it’s nice to see designs for them more in keeping with Persona 5‘s own style, as well as have the option to use them in their original forms. I’m not really sure how the Persona DLC will work in terms of actual gameplay. I’m sure you’ll still need to be above a certain level to use such powerful summons, but I’m supposing all the hassle of fusing them will be taken out, giving more players who aren’t so hot on complicated Fusions a chance to use them.


Persona 5 DLC - Thanatos and Thanatos Thief God

On top of this, there’s the original Persona 5 DLC content, with another outfit set, a Phantom Thieves logo decal for the Morgana bus, and avatars and themes of various party members.


Persona 5 DLC - Yusuke theme

Persona 5 is due for release outside of Japan on February 14th 2017, for both PS4 and PS3.

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