PS5 teardown video shows the inner workings of Sony’s oddly shaped console

In a new video released by Sony, the VP of their Mechanical Design Department, Yasuhiro Ootori, gives a closer look at the PS5‘s internals.

After starting with a warning about not doing this at home — people will absolutely still do this at home — Ootori begins by showing off the outside layout of the PS5. There are lots of USB ports, and the entire rear side of the console acts as a giant exhaust port to help with cooling.

Next comes the base, something that would usually be quite boring, but here the PS5’s strange shape makes it a necessity. You can’t even lie the console on its side without the stand, meaning that changing your PS5 from horizontal to vertical orientation is much more cumbersome than usual.

The rest of the video goes through each of the internal components, highlighting the console’s huge fan and liquid metal cooling. Most of the other components have already been revealed by Sony, though it’s still interesting to see the console fully taken apart.

Sony have been lagging behind Microsoft in giving details on their next-gen console, with the latter having already shown off the Xbox Series X’s inner workings many months ago. Then again, neither company has given us a proper look at either console’s UI…

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