Resident Evil 4 PC fan remaster out now

While there have been rumours of a Resident Evil 4 remake floating around for a while now, nothing has been officially announced by Capcom. However, a couple of diehard fans have been hard at work on a remaster of the PC version for seven years now, and the project is now complete.

The Resident Evil 4 HD Project is an impressive overhaul of the PC port’s visuals, improving everything from textures and 3D models, to lighting and visual effects.

A showcase of the changes can be seen in the 1.0 official trailer, including footage from extra modes Assignment Ada and The Mercenaries.

Installation is simple, and there’s a tutorial video if you run into any issues. A Steam copy of the game is required for the fan remaster, along with a decent amount of storage space for the files (they’re a whopping 37.4 GB once uncompressed).

On the whole, the project breathes new life into a now 17-year-old game, potentially making the PC version of Resident Evil 4 the definitive way to play — though we’ll always have a soft spot for the Wii release and its Wiimote aiming.

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