Tales of Arise animated introduction, gallery app released

Bandai Namco has released two new Tales of Arise projects, including an animated introduction to the game, and a gallery app for PlayStation and Xbox.

The introduction video gives a quick overview of Tales of Arise’s plot, featuring unique animation not found in the game itself. Considering that Arise released last year, it seems like an odd time to release something like this, though this might help to bring in new players either way.

Meanwhile, the gallery app features artwork, screenshots, and promotional material for Arise, along with art from the entire Tales franchise. This gallery is available on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms, though the former requires the game’s demo to be downloaded as well.

Tales of Arise may have not been perfect, but it was still an interesting entry in a JRPG series that has long been overshadowed by franchises like Final Fantasy. It doesn’t look like a new Tales game is on the way any time soon — one is even disappearing next week — but Arise shows where the series could be headed on current gen systems and beyond.

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