Reverse x Reverse Cute 2D Puzzle-platformer

Sekai Project once again brings us more doujin titles to the west. This time Reverse x Reverse, an adorable 2D platformer is making its way to Steam.





The game was developed by desunoya, the same team that made Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon.



In Reverse x Reverse you play as Code and Rithm as they traverse a virtual world in order to find the cause of the Bug Fields. You control both characters and can swap between them at the press of a button. This platformer will play out as a puzzle game so you will have to time your jumps in order to get both characters past obstacles. The game will feature 81 challenging levels that are bound to put every gamer to the test.


Reverse x Reverse Launch - 1


This quirky puzzle platformer is available on Steam for $9.99 and 9,99€ and has a limited-time 10% off during launch.

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