Samurai Warriors 4 Exclusive Pre-Order Art Cards

This morning we awoke to the dawn chorus of birds in the trees, got up, sleepily rubbed our eyes and drew back the curtains. The light spilled into the room, breaking the reverie of the sleep that once was. Firmly, we grasped the bottom of the window and hoisted it up. The chill air spilled inwards, wrapping us in a blanket of refreshment…


We leant out out of the window, now fully alert, our hands on the window frame to hold us steady. And what was that we saw just over there, on the horizon, seducing us into the day? That’s right, it was Samurai Warriors 4. With a 24/10/14 release date we can now say that the game is firmly on the horizon. It’s in our sights. But we don’t mean iron sights like a gun — or do we — perhaps, if it were a shopping gun? A capitalist rifle of consumerism. Samurai Warriors 4 is very nearly upon us. You could pre-order it from the Rice Digital store before, but now we’ve added an extra little treat to our pre-orders.


Now we have a set of nine worldwide exclusive pre-order art cards to accompany our pre-orders of Samurai Warriors 4. And at no extra cost. If you’ve already pre-ordered the standard edition with us then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, we’re simply updating our listing with these nine art cards.


Each of the cards depicts one of the Samurai Warriors 4 characters in some sort of pose. I could go on for hours with reams of description about how cool, rad, and “off the chain” they are, but I don’t have to. The year is 2014, and these days we can just beam images directly to your brain. Well, indirectly. Well, we can use the internet to show you images. Is it really that different? Six degrees of separation. Here are the Samurai Warriors 4 art cards for you to peep:


SW4-Artcard-Pack-1 SW4-Artcard-Pack-2 SW4-Artcard-Pack-3 SW4-Artcard-Pack-4 SW4-Artcard-Pack-5 SW4-Artcard-Pack-6 SW4-Artcard-Pack-7 SW4-Artcard-Pack-8 SW4-Artcard-Pack-9


Samurai Warriors and, indeed, the Warriors franchise in general doesn’t need much introduction. It’s the premiere hack and slash franchise from Tecmo Koei and Omega Force, and it’s arguably better than ever before on next-gen (current-gen?) gaming platforms. The series’ trademark is intense battles with lots of enemies on screen, and these days that can be a heck of a lot of enemies. It’s a whole lot of fun to mow them all down with gratuitous special moves.


Samurai Warriors 4 for a great price and exclusive art cards with a pre-order? What’s better than this? Pre-order it here!



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