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Rice Recommends – Best Switch Musou Games

Sometimes you just need to let loose against swathes of enemies with a few simple button presses and revel in the slaughter, and that’s where Musou games really shine! So, we’ve rounded up 4 of the best Switch Musou games to further direct your somewhat barbaric but extremely satisfying hacking and slashing needs!   Warriors […]Read More

7 Series with Amazing Game Soundtracks That Deserve a Rhythm

It’s always nice to see a game’s soundtrack get recognition, which is a role rhythm game spin-offs such as Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and the Persona Dancing games fill quite nicely. But what about all the other amazing game soundtracks that deserve more time in the limelight? Here are 7 series with amazing game soundtracks that […]Read More

Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial Coming To Consoles Next Week

In a slightly confusing move from KOEI TECMO Europe, has today announced DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Trial, a new version of the popular franchise, for Playstation 4 and Xbox One on November 14th and November 21st respectively, and is available now digitally on PC via Steam. This is obviously odd as the game itself came out in February […]Read More

Dynasty Warriors 8 is coming to Nintendo Switch this year

The Dynasty Warriors games have carved out a little niche for themselves over the years, being an almost entirely unique series in terms of genre that has built a large devoted following. As seems to be the way with every game at the moment, the series has been announced as coming to Switch with DYNASTY […]Read More

Isn’t It Weird that Dynasty Warriors 9 is Called Dynasty

Warriors-heads probably already know this, but the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9 is actually called Dynasty Warriors 8 in Japan. All through the life of the series, the western versions have always been numbered one ahead of the Japanese releases. It’s honestly a bit weird this discrepancy has never once been addressed of changed.   The […]Read More

Dynasty Warriors 9 Release Date Revealed

Koei Tecmo has announced the Dynasty Warriors 9 release date, and it’s heading to the West sooner than I thought it would! Dynasty Warriors 9 will be making its way to PS4, Xbox One and PC in the West on 13th Februrary, 2018, and it’s set to be vastly different to what we’ve seen before. […]Read More

Dynasty Warriors 9 Preview – It’s Different (PS4)

We recently had the opportunity to spend some time playing Dynasty Warriors 9. For years now, Dynasty Warriors has had a pretty fixed structure — running down corridors, capturing forts. Dynasty Warriors 9 promises something very different. An open world Dynasty Warriors game. And boy is it delivering on being very different.   China is […]Read More

The Best Japanese PlayStation Plus Double Discounts

Here’s a look at the best Japanese PlayStation Plus Double Discounts — the currently running PSN sale that offers huge savings for PlayStation Plus subscribers. While there are some pretty good non-Plus discounts, the Plus-NESS is what it’s all about this time around. And there’s some goodies!   Akiba’s Beat is at an incredible price! […]Read More