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Samurai Warriors 4 II Review (PS4)

Samurai Warriors 4 II is a difficult game to place. It’s not quite the Xtreme Legends expansion that Warriors fans are used to, but neither is it a continuation of the Samurai Warriors 4 title. Tecmo Koei have described it as ‘telling the tales left untold by Samurai Warriors 4’. Unfortunately then, that Samurai Warriors […]Read More

Torture Schoolgirls in Deception IV

Deception IV: Another Princess is the updated version of last year’s Deception IV: Blood Ties. Aside from a bunch of new features, including an all new story, characters and modes, it is also getting modern day stages with all new contemporary traps.       The first location shown was the Kokumeikan Academy’s gymnasium. You will be able […]Read More

More Sadistic Fun In Deception IV: Another Princess

After a 9 year wait Tecmo Koei has decided to fully revive this franchise. Despite its sadistic nature and sexy presentation, Deception IV still managed to fly under most people’s radar last year. So this year Deception makes a return with Deception IV: Another Princess, which is an updated version of last year’s title, bringing […]Read More

Samurai Warriors 4 Exclusive Pre-Order Art Cards

This morning we awoke to the dawn chorus of birds in the trees, got up, sleepily rubbed our eyes and drew back the curtains. The light spilled into the room, breaking the reverie of the sleep that once was. Firmly, we grasped the bottom of the window and hoisted it up. The chill air spilled inwards, […]Read More

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Review (PS Vita)

Warriors Orochi is what happens when you take the cast of Dynasty Warriors and pit them against mythical creatures, but does the new setting and otherworldly enemies shake things up much?   I’ve never played a Warriors Orochi title before, but I’ve played multiple Dynasty Warriors title so I was itching to experience the addicting […]Read More

Fatal Frame: The Raven Haired Shrine Maiden

Survival horrors are an endangered species. You can basically count the number of these types games on the fingers of one hand. Games such as Resident Evil and Dead Space have opted for more action oriented gameplay, a far fetch from what made earlier survival horrors engaging in the first place.   Recently Tecmo Koei along with Nintendo […]Read More

Tecmo Koei Bringing More Warriors Games to Europe

Tecmo Koei just announced that it will be showcasing multiple new titles at this year’s MCM London Comic Con. Among those games we can expect Warriors Orochi Ultimate 3 and Samurai Warriors 4, both which will be available on the PlayStation 4.     Released this year in Japan, Samurai Warriors 4 will be coming to Europe […]Read More