Atelier artist, Mel Kishida in action

I have a confession to make. I’m a massive fanboy when it comes to the Atelier series. I love the fact that, underneath the girly flowery exterior is a ludicrous JRPG about alchemy and ingredient collecting – and an undercurrent of hardcore economics. An acquired taste for sure – but a series I’ve grown to love.


What has always captivated me more than anything though, is the art. Soft pastel and watercolour-style anime, beautifully detailed girls in dresses and petticoats – the Atelier series has an atmosphere and a gentleness all of it’s own. This is thanks, in no small part, the character art of Mel Kishida, who’s work is at once subtle yet distinctive.


For those of you who adore his art as much as I do – here’s your chance to see Altelier artist, Mel Kishida in action!


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