Shenmue HD remaster looks amazing

As much as this Shenmue HD remaster looks amazing – it’s also not real. Instead it’s the handy work of Korean fan Nocon Kid, who remade a small portion of Yokosuka, Ryo Hazuki’s home town as a taster for what a Shenmue HD remaster could look like. If you’re Shenmue fan and haven’t seen this, you might want to grab some tissues.


No… not like that.



Not enough Shenmue HD for you? How about a little arcade interior as well for good measure?



Still craving more Shenmue HD remaster? Then why not cast your eyes over some screenshots and weep silently at the prospect at the thought that this is probably never going to happen. Actually, speaking of this never happening – I’m 99.9% sure that Sega did make an HD version of the original Shenmue – as I seem to recall seeing it on Microsoft’s Partnernet many, many years ago.


Unless I’d been drinking, or imagined it. Fairly certain neither of those is true.


Not sure why it was never released.








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