Steins;Gate comes to Magicami in latest crossover event

Gacha games love their collab events, and free-to-play magical girl RPG Magicami is no different. A Steins;Gate crossover event is currently running in-game, offering a new storyline and dresses based on characters from the VN.

Dresses in Magicami act as different versions of the main cast, giving them different stats and abilities. This event includes a Kurisu Makise themed dress for Eliza, and a Daru themed dress for Marianne. The latter can be obtained by pulling an UR from the free daily 10-pull banner. Mayuri and Suzuha dresses are also present, both being part of the aforementioned banner.

The event has already started and runs until May 31, 2021. Magicami is available on PC, while its DX variant can be downloaded on both PC and Android. For those that are unaware, the DX version is NSFW (though the Steins;Gate collab unsurprisingly contains no H scenes regardless of which version you play).

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